Thursday, August 21, 2014

I Love My White House

I Love My Home - My White House

Am I interior designer or it’s just my affection to my White House. I recently renovated my house and painted it Royale White as the walls were new. I have always imagined of assorted make over giving a diversified form to my home.

Shall I call it my Living Room or Drawing Room?

My favourite theme is Hi-Tech Monochromatic interior design with a texture on one of the walls which will be mounted with Hi-Tech gadgets. The bright ceiling LED lights and the ceiling focussing lamps will add an extra light to give a photographic look. The bright coloured diwan sets will reflect the bright colours which will contribute to a fresh happy, cheerful, splendid conversation.

Here is the 1st thing which I would like to have for my bedroom –

Hi-Tech & Romantic Bedroom Design

I got married in January 2014 and romance is still in the air. I would like to give a Hi-Tech Romantic design to my bedroom. Colour is an anchor to me. With lively coloured walls mounted with the candid moments of my love will deepen an extra adoration in the room. The incandescent side lamps with, a vase of red roses and the king size bed with bed set. Here is the 2nd thing which I would like to have for my bedroom - 

will assuredly contribute to quixotic sensitivity. The VDSL routers empowering the connectivity through electronic gadgets will make a Hi-Tech bedroom.

Tailored Bathroom Interior

The grey coloured eco-friendly wall tiles, dark red coloured drawers, bathtub with mirror on the ceiling, a small dry area with strawberry candles, dim white coloured LEDs without the fragrance - which will provide tranquil experience.

MakeMyHome has got really good stuffs that will really make over My White House.

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