Saturday, July 19, 2014

Belligerent Rhinos @ Kruger National Park, South Africa

This picture was taken at Kruger National park. I have always loved the wildlife. It was just the beginning of winter and was getting bored from my daily routine. I made a plan with my friends to Kruger National Park. We booked our lodging at Satara Rest Camp and decided to go for an early morning safari. We started from the camp at 5 AM in the morning. It was dark and one of us volunteered to hold the focus lamp. The sun was about to rise and I was enthusiastically assembling my gears to capture the wildlife with the rising sun. It was my bad luck that I couldn't find a single animal to frame and click and I was disappointed. The driver also got irritated with our behaviour and then decided to re-track and off-road, we trailed through the river bed. After one and half hour I saw some activity on the river. We requested the driver to take a break and paused for a while. I was praying to God that this time it’s THE LION, but was unfortunate. I was waiting anxiously and suddenly the two rhinos becoming belligerent. I framed the Rhinos through my Nikon D5100 with Sigma 150-400mm mounted on the top of it and used the “Dynamic Focusing” option with “Continuous Shooting” mode to capture the moment. I wanted a noisy image so I decided to move on to higher ISO. I was stunned by this activity and captured this living moment. In 3 hours morning safari, I took a lot of pictures but this was one of the best shot which made my safari.

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